Commercial Roofing: Common Problems You May Face

There are many expensive investments that you'll make when it comes to a commercial property, but your property's roof is probably one of the most important ones. It is also one that requires ongoing maintenance. Unfortunately, because it can be costly, this isn't something that many property and business owners tend to think about often. However, keep damage at a minimum and/or catching problems early is key to avoiding pricey roof repairs and potentially roof replacement, not to mention your commercial roof warranty intact.

With that being said, it can be beneficial to familiarize yourself with common commercial roof problems that you may face. Here are a few of them:

  1. Standing Water

This is most frequently seen on commercial flat roofs and can be a real headache. It can also sometimes occur on sloped roofs with flatter slopes around the perimeter of the roof. Regardless of the type of roof, standing water can result from a number of things, including improper drainage from gutters or HVAC units, build-up of roof debris, or overall poor quality of the roof design. Over time, the pooled water will cause excessive pressure on the surface of the roof. If it not treated, this built-up pressure may cause the decay of the roof and water infiltration.

  1. General Wear & Tear

For your roof to perform well, it needs to be regularly inspected and undergo routine maintenance. Just like everything else, your roof will experience general wear and tear over the years. As long as you have it inspected and maintained, it will have fewer issues because any signs of damage and problems will be detected early on and repaired before they get too bad. This not only protects your roof, but it also protects your pocket.

  1. Poor Installation

If a roof is improperly or poorly installed, which could be either due to poor workmanship, installation in less-than-ideal temperature or climate conditions, or the use of the wrong product, it can cause a number of issues. Some of the problems that can occur include premature roof wear, accelerated roof aging, rapid roof deterioration, roof leaks, and even immediate roof failure. Therefore, it is imperative that you ensure you have a qualified roofing professional installing your roof and performing maintenance on it.

To help keep your commercial roof in tip-top shape throughout the year, contact us for an inspection and for all of your routine maintenance and repair needs.