Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing

When you set out to purchase roofing for a new home or for your existing home, there are many roofing material options, regulations and features to consider. Magnolia Group G.C. can make your life easier by assisting you in the decision-making process and taking over the roof installation process.

Choosing a Material is Critical
Some of the materials to choose from include metal roofing, asphalt shingles or even wooden shingles. There are advantages and disadvantages to each choice that we can walk you through.

For example, asphalt shingles are very common because they are typically the least expensive option, however, they also have a much shorter life-span and usually a shorter warranty period than metal roofing. If you are looking for something environmentally friendly, you may also want to choose metal roofing.

There are also many different styles and colors available, along with other features such as mold-resistant shingles. As you can see, there are many factors to consider when selecting your roofing and we are here to walk you through this critical step in roofing your home.

If you aren't familiar with roofing materials, regulations or policies, you needn't worry because we have you covered.

Quality Matters
When you select new roofing for your home, it is important to consider the quality not only of the material but also of the supplier. Just as when you purchase a new car, you consider the quality of the car, the warranty on the car and how great the customer service department is at the dealership.

For residential roofing, Magnolia Group G.C. offers top-quality brands. We provide industry leading materials as well as full-roof system installation, ensuring that your home has the most protection available. Our staff is also trained to do an exceptional job on installing your roofing and we provide excellent and understanding customer service. We will provide you with quality materials, a long-lasting warranty and great service.

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